• Q. Where is the van based?
  • A. Del Boys van is based in Nelson Mandela House, Portsmouth. The hire includes 20 miles from Portsmouth. We can price further at the time of booking.
  • Q. Can I drive the van myself?
  • A. Sorry, no self drivers. The van is fully insured of course but due to its age it takes a lot of getting used to as they have different controls and the way they have to be handled.
  • Q. How many people can travel in the van?
  • A. Del Boys van can seat 3 passengers, one in the front.
  • Q.How do I book your Trotter Van?
  • A. Please book as early as possible, as there is only one van we have, we are particularly busy during the wedding months of late spring, summer and early autumn and around all the bank holidays. A provisional booking is secured with a 5-% payment, by cash, bank transfer or Paypal.

If you have any more questions contact us here to get them answered